Friday, June 12, 2009

98 days...

Ok seriously. Why do these invitations need to be so complicated?

Why I thought a simple card with words on it wouldn't be enough, is beyond me. Why I needed to have little pockets to hold the RSVP and other junk, I will never know. I do know that if I hear one more time that I should have hired a company to do them for me I just might blow a gasket.

Here is list of things I don't need to hear for the next 98 days:
1. The invitation thing.
2. It looks like rain.
3. I hope you can fit into your dress after eating that sheet cake.
4. You're lucky Corey is so involved in the planning.
5. Is that a stain on your dress?
6. You should've eloped.
7. Could you do me a favor?
8. Why is your eye twitching?
9. Scotch really isn't a breakfast food.

That about covers it.

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