Monday, June 1, 2009

109 days...

The weekend is over. No exciting stories to tell. Corey and I picked out our wedding bands, we registered for a lamp, and he bought some pants.

Is this what married life is like?

Should I expect weekends full of plant shopping and doing dishes?

I hate doing dishes.

I never pair "mundane" and "Corey and Stacie" in the same phrase. Here’s a scenario of a typical C&S outing:

C&S take O for a walk through town. They stop for a nice lunch and are seated at an outside table. O lays down on the other side of the railing with his leash securely tied. C orders pasta, S orders pizza, O gets bread crusts. Dog #1 walks by, no reaction from O. Dog #2 walks by, O slightly agitated. Dog #3 walks by and stands with his owner, O now needs to be restrained.

Dog #3 starts to walk away, O decides to go with him. He breaks free of C, breaks free of collar, runs free through downtown Saratoga Springs. C runs after him, nine other people run after him, S stands at the table shrieking.

O is finally caught. S grabs C’s credit card, runs across the street to Dawgdom and buys the cheapest collar she can find. O now wears a rather feminine wide green collar with brown polka dots.

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