Friday, June 5, 2009

105 days...

....sigh. Corey is in Las Vegas. He and 7 other guys flew out yesterday for his bachelor party. I was informed that it is an unseasonably cool 91 degrees.

He was probably sleeping a good sleep in his three bedroom suite in Mandalay Bay after a night of buffet, gambling, and more buffet while I was swimming laps at the YMCA. He'll wake up in a few hours, spend some time at a pancake bar and I'll be on the phone with a cranky fool complaining about his light bill.

After that, maybe some golf, a few cocktails by the pool, more gambling, a burger buffet. Meanwhile, I will be filing.

Oh, but I'll have my fun (evil grin). I have already claimed the weekend as mine to dictate, just as I do for the entire month of July. Bonnie, add this to the list of things you did not know about me: I'm a Bridezilla! (ahhh hahahaha!!! lightningboltthundercrash)

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