Sunday, June 7, 2009

102 days...

...and I am exhausted. My bridal shower was a huge success thanks to my best friend and bridesmaid, Jill. She put together the whole "Paint" themed party with help from my mom and sisters.

That girl put me to shame. Yeah, I can paint an overweight, butt-crack exposing Santa on a gourd, but I would never have thought to make flowers out of paint sample strips, or paint-yer-own-frame favors, or framed famous painters' love quotes! I'm a rookie, an executive assistant, a golfer's caddie!

Annnnnnd, I'm over it. Now back to the party:

My favorite of the three quotes:

To express the love of two lovers is by the marriage of two complementary colors.

Vincent Van Gogh

The food was delish and an A+ for presentation. Chicken salad on mini croissants with grapes, kiwi, strawberries and melon balls on kabobs, (slurp) yellow, red, orange, green, and white veggies on kabobs with a ranch dipping sauce, multi-colored strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate cupcakes, (slurrrrrp) coconut cake, brownies, sugar cookies, (ssssluuurrrrp) chocolate chip cookies...what is the best way to get drool out of a keyboard? Hypothetically, I mean.

The paint-yer-own-frames turned out great. See? Everyone is working so hard. No pictures of me working on my frame. I scrunch up my face in a way you would not know what exactly I'm concentrating, I will NOT elaborate.

Marlo, Erin, Kathy and Pat


...and then the crazies came out. That's not me second from the left. That girl is a....neighbor we see every now and then walking out to the mailbox in pajama pants and a band t-shirt.

Ok, but seriously,

Up next, stories of big hair, slouch socks, and Saved by the Bell trivia. This ain't yo mama's bachelorette party!

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