Thursday, June 11, 2009

99 days...

Double digit days! We are on double digits!!

The paper chain I usually use to count down to Christmas is now only wrapped around my room once! (you'd be surprised how far 490 days worth of construction paper rings will go...halfway around the world, twice.)

To celebrate, I'm going to make a special meal:

99 spinach leaves with 99 carrot shavings
99 calorie balsamic vinaigrette
The breast of a chicken that was fed its favorite meal (creamed corn chowder) 99 times in its lifetime, stuffed with 99 pounds of cream cheese, wrapped in 99 pieces of bacon
Served with 99 florets of broccoli
99 year old Bordeaux
Creme brulee with 99 blueberries on top
Following dessert: 99 showings of Maid in Manhatten, of course!!

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