Thursday, July 30, 2009

48 days...

Step aside, Bobby Flay. Eat my garlic powder, Rachel Ray. Move over, Paula seriously, there isn't enough room for two on this chair.

Chef Stacie is now on the scene and she is something to be feared.

So I don't know how to saute, or when to use tarragon. So what if I've actually never baked a cake that didn't come from a box. And what does it matter if I've really only made five successful dishes?

The point is, I've caught the cooking bug. I enjoyed every delightful minute while making those delightful lemon-raspberry low fat muffins. The individual raspberry cobblers were also a delight. And my delightful turkey and balsamic onion quesadillas guessed it, delightful! (see, i've already got the lingo down)

I'm a cooking machine!! (not to be confused with cookie machine, although i can eat cookies at industrial speeds) Next on the list: something chocolate. Followed by deviled eggs. Followed by meatloaf. And I'll continue like this on and on and on and on....

...until i find something else i like to do better.

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