Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm getting too old for this

Today is Monday.

I am still on the road to recovery from my Six Flags all-day excursion Saturday.

I plan to be fully back on track by August.

I went on two rides.

On this day, three days before I turn 27, I am addressing the pathetic old lady I have become by writing out a list of things I can no longer do in my old age:
  1. I cannot stay up late, 10:30pm is late.
  2. I cannot sleep in. Internal alarm set to 6:30am.
  3. I cannot eat all junk, all the time without tummy grumblies.
  4. I cannot swim anytime, anywhere. The water is always too cold.
  5. I cannot crawl through the tubes at Chuck E. Cheese or McDonald's. This I'm actually really bummed about.
  6. I cannot sit cross-legged on the floor for any length of time.
  7. I cannot sit on the floor. Period.

And now a list of things old people and I have in common:

  1. Drinking tea.
  2. Sitting on a bench, watching people.
  3. Watching foreign films.
  4. Listening to boring art lectures.
  5. Movie night with parents.
  6. Pants that come up to my belly button.
  7. PBS. History Channel. All things educational.
  8. Crafts.
  9. Hording.

I don't know what is worse, the fact that I am 26 going on 65, or that I'm ok with it!

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