Friday, July 17, 2009

Wedding Nightmare #4

Pre-nightmare meal: chicken, rice, veggies

Pre-nightmare activity: finished invitations while watching King of the Hill

Pre-nightmare conversation: don't remember, but I think it included hanging up on Corey (sorry)

The nightmare: missing my dress fitting, because for the third time ever in my life, my dad decides to take me fishing that same morning.

Thanks to this and every other "Ohmigosh I forgot _____!!" nightmare I am going to implement a system of reminders that cannot fail. First, my cell phone alarm. Every detail from July 18, dress fitting to August 1, eat breakfast will be entered with a series of alarms according to urgency.

Second, a reminder tree. Kind of like a phone tree, except it works in the opposite direction. Those four people call those three people who call these 7 people who all call me to tell me to pay the florist on Tuesday.

Third, notes on my hands. And arms. And feet. This is an old school method that has always worked well for me. When I don't bathe. Or wear shoes.

Fourth, sticky notes. Another reliable method, but in order to be effective they will need to be placed directly in my line of vision (otherwise, i won't see them). That means on the back of the doors in my house, rear view mirror and windshield in my car, computer screen and Zack Morris magnet in my office.

And fifth, hire an intern looking for college credit in personal assistantry. He or she will be on hand 8am to 6pm with a 30 minute lunch break and two 15 minute breaks to keep me on schedule.

So, I think that might help me feel prepared and cut back on the dreams where I panic and cry and wake up mid-anxiety attack.

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