Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A brief biology lesson

The horsefly. Considered the lazy, outcast of the fly family. Second cousin by marriage, thrice removed, to that beautiful mosquito predator, the dragonfly. Half brother to the ambitious, microscopic black fly.

Horsefly and I first made acquaintance over the weekend. Up until then, my Southern California skin had never been kissed by the snarling jaws of this flesh eating vampire.

I write this post now to warn all of the other city folk: when you see one of these sitting on you in the time it takes to say, ohmigosh, look at how BIG it is!!” that horsefly has chewed open your skin, licked up your blood, and then put a piece of that skin in a little fanny pack to be enjoyed at its own leisure…maybe with friends.

Me and my delicate, angel food skin were like an open buffet to these persistent pests, and they were particularly fond of my feet meat. The result?

Itchy red bumps. These are the kind of bumps that make you search out rough wool fabrics to roll all over.

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