Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just a side note

Getting sick of my vivid, bizarro dreams?

(I wasn't actually looking for an answer. George Carlin already told me what people really think of my dreams, except he said it with a string of expletives)

Too bad. This one has direct implications to you, loyal three followers of this blog.

I dreamed one of you left a comment on one of my posts. I don't remember what the comment was, I doubt it was anything more than a two line response, but my reaction was tantamount to winning $20 on a $2 scratch off ticket (actually a big deal since i never win anything...i take that back, i did just win $2 on a $1 ticket...carry on).

Why would I dream this? Perhaps in my sub-subconscious I yearn for tangible acknowledgement of my efforts to entertain while I risk scorn and embarassment to bring you into the hilarious, and oftentimes ridiculous, world of Corey and Stacie.

But we are talking about the same brain that brought me the neck pillow dream, so....(shoulder shrug)

The moral of this story is: show me a little love people, and I don't mean write a rebuttal, Corey.


dldina said...

ok, i am giving this a is my comment, you bring a little laughter, sometimes a loud chuckle (which is embarassing while sitting alone at my desk) to my busy day. Thank you! This also alows others to see what i live with day in and day out...and what Corey will soon be living with...Corey, I actually have sympathy...Love Mom and future mom-in-law.

Stacie said...

um. thanks mom.