Thursday, July 23, 2009

57 days...

Oh. My. Gosh.

Do the periods and implied pauses between each word accurately relay the seriousness of 57 days?

Do you know, we still have a ceremony to plan? And I can't put together a program until I have stuff to fill it with.

We also don't have a song. He likes Rage Against the Machine, I'm more of a Michael Buble fan. There is NO happy medium.

And I've been told my bridesmaids have to walk down the aisle to something other than silence and blank stares. News to me.

1,359 hours. 81,540 minutes. 4,892,400 seconds...give or take a few.

So, when am I going to do all of this?

During Everyone Loves Raymond?

Should I cancel my dinner parties and social soirees??

Am I supposed to have no life for this wedding?!?

...but i exaggerate...

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