Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A letter to our guests

Dear Future Wedding Attendees,

Your invitations are on the way! But before you get your hands on those little jerks that brought on bouts of late night sob-fests I just wanted to explain a few things.

Ten of you are getting the wrong directions. Sorry. I tried to give them all to my friends and family in California who are not likely to make the trip, but Grandma, just in case you do decide to come, when it looks like I'm trying to send you into a tree, I really wanted you to turn the other way. Sorry.

Some of you will have partial paw prints on your envelopes. Yes. My parents have a dog that likes to get up on the furniture when people aren't around. Furniture that I leave empty addressed envelopes on.

Oh, and if you find fragrant little brown flakes in your envelope, they actually are not part of the invitation. They are part of a brownie.

I look forward to seeing everyone! Don't forget to spay and neuter your pets and RSVP on time.


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