Friday, July 3, 2009

77 days...

Here's a fun little game:

What does not belong in this picture of our invitation?

Look closely.....

...and I'm not talking about spelling or grammatical errors, thanksomuch...

Give up?

Are you suuuuure??


Ohmigosh how did those get there?!

See, on Valentine's Day, what better a gift to give college students than a handful of condoms? And what is the best way to use those condoms? Why, hiding them all over your sister's room, of course!

What a joy it was finding one in my jacket, two in my purse, one in my jewelry box, another in my robe and the last in my unmentionables drawer.

I had very good intentions to return the favor, but before I did I thought I should take a picture of a wedding invitation to send to my future mother-in-law. Luckily, for both of us, I noticed the little treasures before I sent it on its way. She got the cropped version.

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Mamarazzi said...

BWAH hahahahaha ha ha ha...hilarious!