Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For the Love of All That Is Clean and Orderly

To the employees and volunteers of X Office with whom we are obligated to share our kitchen and bathroom:

I respectfully request you stop being gross.  A collective "you" is implied here as I can't pinpoint which one of you is the mess maker and the rest of you who also use this space do not see a need to clean up after him/her.

Your coffee maker is dirty, permanently.  I know this because I tried to clean it.  With bleach.  And when you start up a fresh batch in the morning, the normally pleasant aroma is mixed with the stench of yesterday's take out sitting on top of last week's take out in the towering trash heap in the corner.  To make matters worse, that smell is then mixed with the Febreeze Aloha air freshener in the bathroom and before you know it I'm using the ladies' facilities in the Burger King next door.

Every day I clean off our counters hoping you will notice and be more conscientious when cutting open your bagel.


I put your stuff away, thinking you might put it back when you are finished using it.



So now that you are aware of our issues, might you find a second or two in your busy day to wipe up your coffee splatters?

Maybe you could put paper towels in the garbage?

Oh, and we would love a little room in the fridge to put an occasional bowl of soup or can of soda.

Also, if you could wash down your crumbs before they dried it would save me a lot of chipped nail polish and name calling I will later regret.

With that, I appreciate your thoughtful consideration of my requests.



Corey said...

I can't understand how some people live like pigs...yet so many do...

Debbie said...

I think you should post this post on the cabinet!! Maybe then they will get the hint!

Who Does That said...

I AGREE! Post it up where people can see it!

Just think of what this person's house looks like. If they can be that messy and uncaring at work I bet their place is a STY.