Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Confessions

1.  On Wednesday I wore my shirt inside out.  The whole day.  Thank you to the lady who leaned over at the planning board meeting at 6:30pm and whispered, "Is your shirt supposed to be inside out??"

2.  Last weekend, over two days and 6 hours, I mashed 80 boiled, mushy apples through a strainer by hand and all I got was 4 stinkin' quarts of applesauce.

3.  I am now late to work every single day.  The alarm may chime 7:30am, but my body says it's still sleepy time.

4.  Corey was given the silent treatment a lot this week.  I think he likes it.

5.  He is now officially back on the silent treatment for liking the silent treatment.

6.  When the movie Titanic came out in theaters it was just a big snugglefest for my friends and their boyfriends.  I swore I would not see it sans boyfriend, but since I didn't have one for another two years it was to heck with the danged Titanic.  I still have not seen it.  The moment has passed.

7.  I am rooting for SanFran in the World Series because I like looking at the pitcher.

8.  Oliver enjoyed my dinner last night.

9.  I very frequently have to apologize for the lunch remnants I leave on papers I hand my boss for review.  And every other night I spend a good amount of time picking melted chocolate off the butt of my pants.

10.  I'm messy.


Happy Friday!

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