Thursday, October 14, 2010

Though Process and Turkey Sandwiches

Today I dumped green beans into my leftover Pad Thai and I got an oil change.


That's how most of my posts start out.  Not that exact way, with the beans and the oil stuff, but similarly with some random, boring nonsense that you are not going to be interested in.  Then I think of something to add or change and I end up with:

So yesterday my dog licked my foot while I was sleeping and it startled me so badly I hit my head on the wall!

And you're like, Whoa!

And I'm like, Yeah!

And you're like, Tell me more!

And BAM.  I have a full, exciting post.

Well, maybe not exciting.  But definitely entertaining....  Um, informative?

Let's go with that.

So, today is no different.  Just another day where I get up and go to work.  I neither run out of gas on my way nor do I get into a fist fight with the people who share the office kitchen and get it all stinky and dirty with their crappy coffee maker.  Yeah, I talked to some lame people on the phone and my lunch was a little stale, but other than that I have nothing to share with you.

All I can do I write what's going on in my brain.

(Mother, I know you would love to comment here, but you have officially lost all commenting privileges.  You know what you did.)

And narrate the process by which I provide all four of you regular followers with a chuckle or two.

I simply write and write and write until I've gone from turkey sandwich to politics in Scandinavia, then I chop it off somewhere in

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