Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Confessions

1.  My sister, Kimberlie, and I like to wear mustaches.  The kind you get out of the machines at Walmart.  The kind that fall off when you laugh at how ridiculous you look.

2.  When I first moved to New York six years ago, I worked at a place I hated.  My co-worker hated it more.  One day, while driving back from lunch we spotted an unopened box of donuts laying on the side of the road.  You can imagine where this is going.  He stopped, picked up the box, then served them to our other co-workers.  My confession:  I didn't stop him.  But I did warn a few people I actually liked.

That was a different Stacie, people.

3.  Tuesday I was yelled at by an old couple hobbling across the street.



They were pretty angry about it.  So I gave them a thumbs up.

4.  I watched Baby Mama three times this week.

5.  Yesterday I spelled "thought" wrong in the title of my post.  Sorry.  You deserve better than that.

6.  On Sunday my dad and I are running in a 5k.  I'm shooting for a time of 45 minutes.  That's about 15 minutes per mile.  Also known as walking.

7.  Corey and my dinner last night was a sweet potato.  And water.  Ahhhh, the meal of prisoners.

8.  As soon as my mom shows my dad this post, he's going to make me a plate of brownies and question my eating habits even though he didn't seen the cup and half of cereal I ate with a thick slice of banana/chocolate chip bread this morning, the bowl of fruit I had as my mid-morning snack, the two pound chicken salad sandwich I plan on stuffing down my throat for lunch, or the chicken dinner Corey has planned for tonight.

9.  I think I just ruined my chances of getting those brownies.  Dangit.

10.  Because I have had to clean up after our dirty office neighbors, I felt they owed me.  In the form of a donut hole with sprinkles, which I gladly accepted as I snuck it out of the kitchen.

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