Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

This week's edition of Ten on Tuesday comes from me.  Both answers, duh, and questions.  The poor dear over at Roots and Rings who usually facilitates this post is having the had-baby-time-flew-now-must-go-back-to-work blues.  The idea for questions came while, ahem, in the facilities, which is where most of my brilliant schemes evolve.  Oops, TMI.

Moving on...

1.  Comfiest: shoes?
I bought a pair of shoes (thank you tax free Pennsylvania) while visiting my friend Jill.  A pair of clogs that I hoped to wear throughout the winter to work with SOCKS so my little feetsies wouldn't freeze.  While clogs are made to be awesome and supportive, the top band is so tight it cuts off the circulation in my left foot and leaves a bruised indentation.  So to answer the questions, Stacie, my comfiest shoes are my new sneakers.

2.  Comfiest: shirt?
Any of Corey's sweatshirts, which are now my sweatshirts that I let him borrow occasionally.  They are usually paired with my comfiest pants: stretchy yoga pants that come up a good three inches past my belly button.

3.  Comfiest: room?
My living room.  We have a couple huge windows that let in lots of light and views like this:

It's also in close proximity to every other room in our apartment so I am always aware of what's going on.  I have this thing about being in the middle of all the action.  It's very relaxing to me.

4.  Comfiest: furniture?
I greatly enjoy our recliner.  It's lumpy in all the right places.

5.  Comfiest: food?
Scrambled eggs and rice.  I didn't realize this is not a normal food pairing until I met Corey.

"Whaddya mean not everyone puts breakfast AND dinner in the same bowl??"

It reminds me of growing up.  And growing up was good.  Therefore, eggs and rice must be good.  Transitive property.  Who says you don't use algebra in real life?

6.  Comfiest: drink?
Apple cider.  Warm and fresh.  But only in the fall when it's reeeeeeally chilly.  And when I'm ready to flush out my system.

7.  Comfiest: place?
Home.  I love being home where I know how to work the washer, I can find something to eat on my own, and I can be with all my adhesives.

Oh, and that's where my peeps be at (winky face).

8.  Comfiest: work outfit?
Whatever I wear on the days I designate as jeans-day.  I love me some jeans.

9.  Comfiest: time?
Those few minutes between getting home from work and starting dinner/projects/cleaning/laundry, or watching Corey start dinner/projects/cleaining/laundry.  I put my old lady stretch pants on, something baggy on top, and browse LL Bean's winter gear in my comfy place.

10.  Comfiest: season?
Right now.  Love, love, love, love fall.  Holidays are coming, shopping trips are coming, ugly sweater parties are coming....The anticipation builds, folks!

That's 10.  I'm out.

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