Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. What is your favorite decor item in your house?
Our plants.  We have a bunch of them scattered all over the place.  Aside from bringing life into the room they give us some oxygen, so that's cool.

2. What is your favorite hair product?
A rubber band.

3. Are you a good dancer?
I think I was ok at some point.  But then I graduated from college, stopped drinking and lost all rhythm.

4. You get some good news, who’s the first person you call?
Depends.  Good news at work: Corey.  Good news at home: Mom and Dad.  Good new fart joke: Jill.

5. Would you rather take pictures, or be in pictures?
Now that my narcissistic stage (read: teenage years) is over, my hair is a bit droopier and I have all these little cracks in my forehead, I prefer to take the pictures. 

6. What is your shoe style?
Comfortable.  I am just one more day of wobbling in 3" heels away from a lifetime of Aerosoles, so help me....  Arch support, here I come.

7. How often do you eat out?
Only when Corey and I don't feel like cooking.  So, all the time.  And when it isn't take out, it's hot dogs n' crescent rolls, or cereal and cheese, or chips and ice cream.  We make it work.

8. If someone has food in their teeth, do you tell them?
Food in teeth is embarrassing.  But it is not tucking your dress into your underwear embarrassing.  But in both cases I wouldn't say anything.  I wouldn't want you to know that I know unless I know you then I wouldn't care if you know that I know that you know that he knows that I know....

You know?

9. Do you fold your underwear?
Yes, ever since Oliver ate my dang panty fairies.

10. Milk, dark, or white chocolate?
Yes, please.

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Stephie said...

We have the same answer for #10 :)