Tuesday, October 12, 2010

If There Is a Party In the Woods and No One Takes Pictures, Was It Actually Groovy?

I was gone most of the weekend at a 10th birthday party for a pound puppy with no known date or place of origin. 

My friend Jill just likes to throw theme parties.

So, I drove down to Philly Saturday afternoon and came back early yesterday morning.

Or did I?


I, Stacie Jo Lucas, being of sound body and mind, am a chronic picture taker.  I take pictures of funny shaped bird poop, of the spot on my dog's tongue, of my face to see if I have any dried boogies hanging out of my nose when a mirror is nowhere to be found.  Yet I have no pictorial proof of my adventures in Philadelphia.

No pictures of cute little Lucy and what felt like a wet diaper leaking onto my shirt.

No pictures of Maggie and her birthday girl ribbon.

No pictures of my bone-crushing badminton skeelz.

No pictures of the food and water bowl shaped cakes.

No pictures of the doggy bag favors.

No pictures of the Best in Show award ceremony.

No pictures of my very first and last foray into beer-ponging.

And if there are no pictures, does that mean it didn't happen??

....Ooooo, deep.


I guess what I'm trying to say here is that I went away for the weekend but I don't have any pictures to show you because I was busy and I forgot and I'm sorry and I'll try to take pictures next time and that's all.

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Debbie said...

so, what are you saying exactly...you took no pictures!! Oh Stace...and didn't I specifically say "get a picture of Lucy and Maggie for my frige"? Love mom...glad you had a good time!