Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day Off Re-cap

Oooo childs, am I exhausted!  I can't even tell you how exhausted I am!

But I think you know I'll try:

I'm pretty exhausted.

You probably felt my void yesterday, cried in my absence, and what-not.  But little did you know I was suffering right along with you.

Not really.  I was loving every single second of my twelve-hour, non-stop, frantic, jam-packed day.  No Lifetime Movie Network for this lady.  There was a dog to walk, jewelry to alter, a DBA to acquire, lunch with Corey, brownie bake-off invitations to print, cut and deliver, a mom to chauffeur, capping ceremony to attend, dinner to consume and a sister's future mother-in-law to embarrass.

A true 7am-11pm day jam packed full of everything I would have wanted to do even if I did have a choice.

The only problem is that by 6:30am today I felt like I had just died.  And then at 9am I still felt dead.  And now at 2ish I am just starting to revive myself only because I am leaving in a few short hours to pick up my dad and raid his cafeteria for a couple carrots (read: big, fat brownie).

But I will survive.  I always manage to.

A few things to mention from yesterday:
  • I am now an official maker-and-seller-of-jewelry, see right (shameless plug).
  • And am sometimes referred to as an artist, as in "You'll be the artist of the month..."  Whoa.  All I do is play with wool...
  • My sister earned her nurses cap last night in the traditional capping ceremony.  I am beyond proud.  Like "ohmigosh my sister can now do things I couldn't even imagine doing" proud.
  • But let's be honest, both sisters are way better than me.
  • When I say we embarrassed Katie's (the capped sister) future mother-in-law I mean we left nothing in the arsenal of "stuff you shouldn't say/do when meeting someone for the first time."
  • Like talking about the poop version of pee catheters: according to my dad they are called flexi-seals.
  • My dad knows about poop catheters because he buys supplies for hospitals.  I know you were wondering.
  • I would not be happy with a less than open version of my family.  We're loud.  We're proud.  And we're often inappropriate.
The.  End.



Debbie said...
I am embarrassed all over again!

I hope we didn't scare Katie's future mom-in-law away...I really liked her.

jen said...

i have yet to meet my sisters future mother in law...but i really cant wait!