Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Office Chatter: Spice Dealer Edition

Cathy: "So the DEA banned spice today.  If you see a guy driving around in a white van you should call the police."

Me: "What?  There is a man selling spice?  Like seasoning?"

(insert mental picture of an ice cream man type truck driving around offering steak rubs and chicken marinades...)

C: "Yeah, and it's illegal."

M: "Spice?"

C: "Yes, that's what they're calling synthetic marijuana."

(i couldn't remember the word synthetic, instead i had syndicated and syphilis blocking my brain)

(but not actual syphilis, i knew the word i was trying to think of had an "sy" in it and those were the only two words i could think of at the moment.)

(but i digress)

M: "Wait, spice is marijuana."

C: "Well, synthetic."

M: "And there's a guy selling it in a van??"

C: "Yes, so don't buy bath salts."

M: "Why not?"

C: "Because synthetic marijuana is now illegal."

M: "What the heck do bath salts have anything to do with marijuana?!?"

C: "That's where it comes from."

M: "So what is spice?"

C: "The marijuana."

M: "But it comes from bath salts?"

C: "Yes."


The lesson here:  Don't Do Bath Salts.  Or Marinate Your Chicken.  And hire an interpreter when talking to your co-workers.

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