Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: NYC Edition

Corey and I got away over the weekend.  We had a mini-holiday as I sometimes like to say.

In a British accent.

As we're a hop, skip, and 2 hour drive plus 45 minute train ride away from New York City we decided to head down for the day on Saturday.  It was our Valentine's Day gift to ourselves.  But then there was an additional Valentine's Day gift for me when we found the Anthropologie store in Rockefeller Center.

More on that in a minute.  There is news to report:

I am afraid of bridges.  This is news to you.

Especially bridges that go on for several minutes and are in the same condition as a bridge north of here that had to immediately be shut down and dismantled.

Oh, and when a certain husband is hurtling across said bridge at the speed of light I tend to wonder in the form of screams whether or not the concrete barriers will hold us crashing into them at a million miles per hour.

But I exaggerate.

We were going the same speed as everyone else.  Which is still too fast everyone else.

Fortunately, the thing held on for two more days and we are obviously still alive.


We did our usual park at the train station in Tarrytown, take the train into Grand Central Station, find the Two Boots pizza stand, order and consume three slices of the greasiest pizza this side of the Mississippi, complain of stomach aches, then head out into "the jungle" routine.

Immediately upon entering the jungle we ran into a homeless, one-legged gorilla (and by gorilla I now mean a person, and since I mentioned it I'm going to start referring to the city as the city so as not to confuse us all any more).  There were so many people around I just didn't have time to stop, pull out my wallet, dump out the three dollars I happened to have into his little styrofoam cup and then lecture him about the damage to the environment he was causing by using a styrofoam cup.

I would have been trampled.

But I'm still thinking about him.  Hoping he's doing ok without my three dollars...and my lecture.


So we move on down the street.  In the direction I was certain would lead us to Anthropologie.  It didn't.  I was taking us in the exact opposite direction.  But eventually we found our way to 5th Avenue, and more specifically Saks 5th Avenue.

Corey's ears were cold.  And it was on our way.  And every girl should know what the inside of Saks looks like at some point in her life.

I now know.  It is glorious.  And completely hands-off.  By choice.  T-shirts are approximately $400, and I'm just not in the financial position to be forced into buying something I accidentally left greasy fingerprints all over (remember, pizza?).  I did end up with something, though.  And it cost me nothing:

Perfume samples!!

I have so many of the little suckers shoved into my purse right now you'd think your Gammy was here.  First they'd give one to Corey, then to me, then another one for Corey, then one for me.  Obviously, we were together and only needed one sample.  But I have a hard time saying no to things being thrust at me.  Which is why I also have several coupons for nail salons on 75th Street and coupons for a bar called O'Finnegans.

After several discreet consultations with Google maps on my phone (it's not cool to be all touristy) we found Rockefeller Center.

Here's proof.

Then, something magical happened.  And I had a front row seat.

That's a guy and a girl.  They're skating all by themselves.  You know where this is going.

She says, "Henry, what the heck are we doing out here all by ourselves??"

And he goes, "Well Lucille, I thought I'd ask you to marry me....RIGHT NOW."

And all of blog world says, "awwwwww..."

Except for Corey.  Who said, "This is so cheesy."

PS. That's not the actual conversation, in case you couldn't tell by the not-so-frequently used names.

PPS. These are zoomed cell phone pictures as we actually weren't that close.  And yes, I did feel a tad weird taking pictures of someone else's moment, but I knew I have a doodie to report the events as they unfold.

She said yes.  I'm assuming.

Because this doesn't look like a, "See ya later, creep!" smooch to me.

"Oh yeah, I gotta put this thing on your finger..."

Again, in unison: "AWWwwwwwWWWww."

Aaaaaaand then we went to Anthropologie.  Because you can't experience romance vicariously through others forever.

By the time I hit the sale rack I'd completely forgotten about Hank and Lucy, or whoever they were.  I had found a plate.

Yes, most people shop here for their clothes.  I was looking for funky dishware.  And I'm kickin' myself in the pants for not taking pictures.  Eventually you will see my three new plates and you will think to yourself:

What the heck does she need a plate with picture of bugs on it??

I'll explain later.  But that was my V-day gift.  And I love it.  Them.

Not long after we had to get back on the train to make our dinner reservation in Tarrytown.  There isn't much more to report because:
  1. Not much more happened.
  2. This has already turned into a super long post.
  3. I sense several of you have dropped out.
Dinner was delish.  I had a glass of wine and became incredibly hot and giggly.  Corey and I crammed our faces full of desserts we bought earlier at the train station while watching the oh-so-romantic Scared Straight on A&E in our hotel room.  Then we fell asleep with stomach aches.

Awesome day.

Ooops.  That was just Saturday.  Lemme give you Sunday: woke up, drove home, picked up Oliver-dog, did laundry, made felt balls, fell asleep to Matlock.

The.  End.


Corey said...

Anthropologie store in Rockefeller Center.

"More on that in a minute..."

I still didn't see it...even after 10 minutes....

jen said...

true story...i turned down a scholarship to lake superior state university because i would have to drive over the mackinaw bridge...don't people remember cars BLOWING off of it?

and i LOVE the bug plates at anthropolgie...