Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Morning Adventures

How you can tell Corey and I are still semi-newlyweds:

"Hey Corey, it looks like we only got about 1-2 inches of snow."

"Yeah, well channel 10 says we got 5-6."

"Ok, but I'm lookin' at these sidewalks and there definitely isn't 5 inches."

"Is that why all the plows are out doing the roads??"

"I'm just sayin'.  Come here and look at these sidewalks."

"I don't need to look.  Are you saying The Weather Channel isn't accurate?"


"The.  Weather.  Channel."

"Whatever.  All I know is I look outside and I see 1-2 inches."

"I'm not trying to argue with you here, but why would the plows be out for 1-2 inches??"

"Because it's still snow, genius!"

"Yeah.  5-6 inches of it."

"Ok, maybe where they're measuring they got 5-6 inches."

"That's ridiculous.  Saratoga isn't that big."

"So you're saying it snows consistently all over this town??"


"You're saying it's impossible for there to be a tad more snow in some parts of Saratoga??"

"There are bands of snow.  And we are in a band."

"Corey, is it possible that the edge of a band just happens to fall right through the city of Saratoga Springs and we are in the 1-2 inch part and they are measuring in the 5-6 inch part?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"I rest my case."


The dude still has not learned the words, "Yes dear."


Steve Finnell said...

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Fritz said...

you have WAY more persevernce than i, half way through that same exact conversation with my semi-new husband, i would just give up until we went outside...