Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Big Digression

Whoopsie...I just noticed I forgot to post something today!

I can't imagine the torture I've put you through.  How inconsiderate of me.

And even more inconsiderate: I don't have anything to say.

How often does that happen??

I know.  I'm very rarely without words.  Look, even without words I'm managing to write words about not having any.

But this is where it ends because I'm super busy.

Letters to write.

Brownie bake-offs to plan.

Tweets to send out to the masses (read: 17 people).

...did you know I'm on twitter now?  Yes, I was peer pressured by someone who will remain nameless (but not link-less!)

Just kidding.  I mean about the peer pressure.  It's fun, but I made sure to let everyone (read: 17 people) know early on that I do not hold back fart-talk.  Because you just never know with some people.

Like my future brother-in-law, who has a hard time with dog doo.  So I leave out stories of college-Stacie smearing fresh doo on the windshield of a car that was parked in her space.

Don't look at me like you know how hard it is to park in the Purdue village??

But I digress.

And now I must type, and fax, and chat with angry tax payers.

See you all tomorrow for some corn-fessions.

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