Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dog Whisperer...Or Not

Corey and I chat every now and then during the day, sometimes on the phone, sometimes online.

Usually the dog comes up.

"So Oliver called, he's having chest pains."

It's nonsense.  Obviously, but we have a lot of fun seeing how far we can take the conversation.

Like yesterday:

"I talked to Oliver, he said there's a leaky faucet."

"Yeah, I know.  I just told him to call Jack."

"Oh ok, because I told him to go down to the Stadium for a drink and forget it."

"He's meeting Jeter there (corey's friend's cat)."

"Oh great."

"He's fine."

"No, that guy has terrible language.  Probably gets it from his dad."

...and so on.

Later, on the phone we laughed about the whole conversations.  Then Corey asked me:

"You do realize neither of us talked to the dog today?"

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Debbie said...

Well...Oliver talked to Grammie this morning and told me that he likes getting up early and wants his walks to be at least 6 miles in the morning and in the 6 miles in the afternoon...AND...he wants more of those yummy bones daddy gets him from the bakery! Love Grammie