Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today's Events: The Do's and Don'ts Edition

This is what I wanna do today:
shop for houses
eat warm cookies and dunk them in milk
play in the snow
blog (check)

This is what I don't wanna do today:
explain why retirement benefit deductions have increased
listen to people yell at me
try to write letters and not use the word "stuff"
talk politics

Want another list?
I have weird flaps on the tops of my ears
I'm wearing four shirts and am still cold
organic frozen burritos are pretty good
my dog talks in his sleep

Ok.  Time to go do work stuff.


jen said... dog talks in his sleep too!

and i dont want to answer the phone and have people yell at me either...

and i totally just ate a warm cookie!

Mamarazzi said...

my puppy runs in her sleep...its hilarious, unless it is 3am and she is in bed with me and it wakes me up than it is not funny or cute.