Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Confessions

Hello, Friday. 

I've been expecting you.

1.  I watched an hour long documentary on synchronized swimming at 2am.  It.  Was.  Fascinating.  Even for 2am.

2.  New York State legislators ruled cell phones to be distracting while driving.  Obviously they don't know how distracting I can be to myself.  I snapped out of a daze to find myself driving 39mph in a 45 with a dozen angry drivers lined up behind me.

3.  I dream of a microwave free world where I don't have to hide from dangerous rays in the farthest corner of the room while zapping a cup o' soup.  You don't want to know my reasoning.  It makes me sound crazy...

4.  There is horse poop in the grooves of my tires.

5.  Speaking of poo, Corey and I have hit that stage of our relationship where we show each other our...accomplishments.

"Hey, come here!  You've GOT to see this!"

6.  I put on quite a show for passing motorists on my drive home last night simply because it is impossible to not sing and dance while listening The Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing.

7.  On that note, I seriously considered not stopping at the gas station this morning, tank below empty, because the Bosom Buddies song came on.

8.  I am going to start driving 1.5 hours one way so that Oliver can learn how to dock dive competitively.

9.  I went overboard with the chocolate yesterday.  Corey,  the dear, packed a handful of Hershey kisses with my lunch to nurse my hangover.

10.  I love to eat batter.  My favorite is pancake.

Carry on, Friday.  Until we meet again....

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