Friday, May 7, 2010

He said wha...??

On Wednesday, May 5 (ahem, Cinco de Mayo) Corey surprised me with an outing to celebrate my 1/8 heritage!

Technically, I'm not sure if we're Spanish or Mexican, two very different nationalities, but we are so far removed I just say I'm Mexican.  Part Mexican.  Small part.  But I digress.

I received this notice in my email:

I love plans.  I love order.  I love direction.  This was a welcomed email.

We did have hot dogs on the grill and we did go to Hattie's for that frosty beverage that turned into four frosty beverages for a certain husband who will remain nameless.

I can't say for sure if it was the orange soda talking or if it was Corey being Corey, but this conversation did actually happen:

"Yay, it's Cinco de Mayo!"

"I know!"

"Hey, my birthday falls on Cinco de Mayo!"

"Uh....your birthday is the 10th."

"I know, isn't Cinco de Mayo a week long thing?"

"Cinco de Mayo means May 5th.  That's today."

"OHHhhh, I thought it was this whole week."

He then felt very embarrassed and told me not to tell anyone.

"But you know I have to put this in the blog, right?"

"I know."

Don't be fooled.  He loves the attention.

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