Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up: kids for sale at the farmer's market

Whoa, folks.  Whoa.

This weekend wrap up follows The.  Busiest.  Week.  Ever.  Double the meetings, double the baking, and you get one super-tired-in-need-of-jazz-dessert-rummaging-through-junk Stacie.

You'll be happy to know the winds of unusually bad luck have shifted.  Friday night I won a Wii game.  Not just any Wii game, Karaoke Revolution.

"EEEEeeee!!  I WON!!"

"You DID?!"

"I am so throwing a party." random stranger:

"I'm throwing a party with THIS!"

"Uh, ok." the landlord of my office building:

"Look!  This is going to be at my party!!"


I was probably a little over-excited, but in my defense 1.) In the past 27 years I have won fewer than 6 things and 2.) it was karaoke.

What a glorious way to start a weekend.  I can think of no better way...besides dessert.  And jazz.

On Saturday Corey and I went on a breakfast date.  Because "you should never stop dating your spouse."  Words of wisdom.  We split a ham and cheese at our favorite bakery.  Which happens to be down the street.  Within walking distance.  But we still drove.

Then off I went to the First Baptist Rummage Sale where I spent a total of $6 and left with full bag.

"Please don't get any crap."

"Oh, don't worry.  I just get stuff for my crafts."

"Ok.  No stuff for the apartment either."

"Ugh!  I won't!"

I interpreted that as:

"Stacie, as we have not lived together long enough for me to know what you consider 'crap' I am going to trust you to use your best judgment on items you purchase for the apartment."

And so I bought two lovely green planters.

I then made my way to the farmer's market.

Holy Toledo.  I saw hippies, body builders, families, dogs, plants, veggies, killer rhubarb, kids for sale....Wha??

Yes.  I saw a sign that read "kids for sale on the farm."

Oh those poor kids.  I thought.

Why would they get rid of kids?  Isn't that illegal.  I almost said out loud.

I wonder if they clean tubs....and then I felt stupid, because kids are goats.

Great, Stace.  You're almost guilty of promoting child labor.  But am I?  I mean, I didn't actually make an offer for a tub-cleaning farm kid.

Moving on...

By 1:00 I was done for the day.  Out of commission.  But since I started at 6:30, I figure I put in a full day.  So I took a nap.

And then I took a Sudafed.  Which is actually not recommended when consuming alcohol.  Even 3/4 of a Corona while waiting for your burrito at Leon's.  I learned the hard way after nearly face planting in said burrito.  It was an early night.

Followed by an early morning of dog walkin, then some Lord praisin, burger eatin, childhood friend talkin, more dog walkin, barbeque chicken eatin, neighbor chattin, laundry foldin, and early to beddin.

Ahhhh.  You can't beat that weekend.  Can't beat it with a stick.

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