Monday, May 3, 2010

Beware of cranky monster

Headaches.  Sheesh.

They just take right over your body, don't they?

Like your head is in a vice, your eyeballs in a juicer, and your stomach on one of those upside-down roller coaster rides you begged your friends not to make you go on but you do anyway because peer pressure is a jerk and you end up expelling the cotton candy, chili dog, and tater tots you swore you could not live without but now wish you had.

You know?

I have one of those headaches. 

It's keeping me from telling you something really funny about Saturday.  No, really, it was hilarious.  I mean, how many times does an adult pee their pants?  Like literally pee their pants?

But all three of you will have to wait until I can open my eyes again without the fear of vomit coming out. 

Out of my mouth, not my eyes.  I guess I should have made that clear.

Until we meet again...

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