Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Confessions

Dang, Friday already?  That means jazz and dessert, not because I'm a classy lady, but because my local YMCA is a classy establishment.

1.  I got the most complements on my hair the day I used lotion instead of conditioner in the shower.

2.  Sometimes I don't have time to brush my teeth in the morning.  Like Monday.  And last Friday.  I am secretly Jessica Simpson.

3.  Corey and I have tattoos that mean absolutely nothing to us.  Mine was the result of a deal I made that my sisters held me to.  And Corey's is from having nothing better to do.

4.  I wish I could spit like a guy.  So effortless.  I practice when no one is around because I drool all over myself.

5.  I have had an obsession with giant stuffed animals since I was a kid.  Patch Adams, wherever you are, my dream before I die is to have my own giant squishy teddy bear I can snuggle with...or a pee-free adult sized ball pit.  Those things are aWesOmE!!

6.  I was behind a car with a "baby on board" sticker and cigarette sticking out the window.  Don't even get me started.

7.  Sometimes I wear my cow pajama top with my flamingo pajama bottoms.  I like to get crazy.

8.  I passed my notary test.  Now I can panic when someone asks me to notarize anything because a) I have no idea what I'm doing, b) I can't refuse, and c) If I do it wrong I could be given a death sentence.

9.  I made a batch of cookies Monday night.  Once those are gone I am going sugar free for an entire week.  But until then I am having the time of my life!

10. Wednesday night I went to three different grocery stores to find free range chicken.  Someone please tell me I'm not the only wacko concerned for the mental state and quality of life of my food before it is slaughtered.

...and because I'm super psyched about jazz and dessert:

11. I'm super psyched about jazz and dessert!


Chelsea said...

I'm a notary. I didn't have to take a test. At work I have to notarize things ALL THE TIME. It's not scary, I promise.

Smoking around babies PISSES me off.

jen said...

i have ALWAYS wanted to spit like a guy and to this day it only results in drool, i have found that spitting sunflower seeds is the closets thing i can accomplish, just yesterday me and the boys were out playing baseball and i can keep up with everything except the spitting...sigh...