Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Confessions

Sorry I'm late.  I've been enjoying my second breakfast for the day in celebration of a 90th birthday.  (Not mine.)  Oh, I love breakfast...

1.  I am afraid of crows.  But since I can't tell the difference between crows and ravens (which I love) I assume all black birds I come across while walking are smart, friendly ravens, and all black birds I come across while driving my killing machine (Hyundai Tucson) are dirty, flesh-eating crows.

2.  For years I sang the song Potato Bug, not realizing the words were actually Jitterbug.

3.  I wear goggles when I chop onions.
I also look stupid when I chop onions.

4.  In college I was on the ballroom dance team.  I had the shoes, the dance team jacket and bag, and a terrible partner who stepped on my feet with his Timberlands and constantly smelled of curry.

5.  I have never had a cavity.  I ingest 40 pounds of sugar yearly.  My teeth are made of iron.

6.  I would like to be a roller derby girl.  They all get special, raunchy names like Busty B*!@#, or Blond Bombshell.  My derby name will be Giggles McGoobin.  Cute, right?!

7.  I brought in three very pretty flowers from the bushes outside our apartment.  I also brought in a giant brown recluse.

8.  I call every spider a brown recluse.  Just to be safe.

9.  I am in charge of invitations for my boss's golf tournament.  Each of my co-workers asked me more than once if the phone number is listed correctly.  Jeez, guys.  So what if the last invitation I did gave 300 people the wrong RSVP phone number!

10.  My dog is the cutest dog in the world.

He also matches our floors.

Off to digest breakfast...


jen said...

Awwww!!! your dog looks a lot my dog!!! and i look like a dork while cutting onions, but that is because i dont wear the goggles and cry uncontrollably...

Happy Friday!!!

Meg said...

hahaha i love that picture. I've never thought of wearing goggles when chopping onions genius!