Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I am feeling much better, thank you so much for asking.  And I do owe all three of you a pants-peeing story, however, today is Tuesday and we do certain things here on Tuesdays (ahem, see below), things that can't be changed because Lord knows how nutso I get when that happens.  Corey knows too.

1. Do you prefer markers, crayons, or colored pencils?
Tricky.  I use markers to draw, crayons to color in Sunday School with the kiddies, and colored pencils to shade in my marker drawings.  So, really, I do not have a preference.

2. As a child, how did your parents celebrate your birthday? (Parties, cake, you pick the dinner, etc.)
We did it all: pool parties, roller skating parties, surprise parties,  slip 'n slide parties, luau parties, etc.  My dad started a tradition where he would take us out to dinner on our day and shop for an outfit.  That tradition is on hold until we develop less expensive taste.

3. How do you feel about leggings?
LOVE.  But I don't wear them.  I look ridiculous.

4. How do you prefer to follow directions? With a map? Words?
Yikes.  I am bad with both.  Really bad.  Kimberlie and I got lost WITH a Garmin.  But I would say directions written out in word form is easier for me to follow.

5. What do you eat for snack?
Whaddya got?  My mid-morning snack is something fruity, my mid-afternoon snack is something salty, and my midnight snack is something sweet.

6. Have you ever ordered anything from an infomercial or bought any As Seen on TV products?
Oh yes, and I couldn't be more satisfied with my PedEgg.  It is probably the grossest product on the market (who can honestly look at foot shavings and not gag) but it has done wonders for my feet rocks.

7. What’s your favorite thing about summer?
Summer clothes.  That's a little shallow, but who doesn't feel good when they look good?  I'm not saying I'm the hottest thing in Saratoga, but my summer wardrobe is a million times better than my winter frump-wear.

8. Do you have a tattoo? What and where is it?
I DO!  It took 8 minutes to complete and I cried like a baby.  I have a little heart made to look like a birthmark on my left love handle.

9. Are you good at journaling?
Pppshhh, no.  I started several, got bored, and then used them for doodles.
10. What’s your favorite way to eat a hamburger?
Pickles, onions, ketchup, lettuce, thousand island, pickles, and pickles.  If it ain't messy, it ain't worth eating.  That belongs on a t-shirt.


Chelsea said...

There are two common answers for the leggings. 1. They are not to replace plants, only to be worn with LONG tops. And 2. (yours) Most people are saying that they look great on other people but not on them... which leads me to believe that everyone is dilusional. They must look good on you b/c every other blog says they look good on others!

Debbie said...

haha love your answer to #10!! :)

Angela said...

I love breaking out the summer clothes! It feels so good after being covered from head to toe for several months in the winter :)