Monday, August 9, 2010

...At The Races

Ho-hum.  Just another Monday, the start of a long, grueling work week full of angry constituents, cranked up AC, and PB&J sandwiches....

Oh, but it's not just another Monday for me.

I'm off today!!

Oh Lordy how great it is to fall asleep Sunday night knowing I have nowhere to be the next morning except The Old Man's Cafe with my dirty hair and mascara crusties to chomp on the real egg mcmuffin while still half asleep.

This weekend Corey's family is in town for their annual Day at the Races, times two.  It's a glorious two days full of the best people watching you could ever imagine.  Picture this: beer guzzling mountain man breathing down the neck of snooty old lady in Prada pumps.  It totally happens.

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me and pal Alyssa

Then there's Barbara Bush's cousin wearing kelly green slacks with a salmon colored blazer who we have lovingly nicknamed Pastel Bob.  His cat is buried in the infield.

The track draws 'em all.

Folks, we live two blocks from the most historic race track in the world.
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I'll let that sink in for a moment...



Corey may laugh himself into a coma when he reads this, but I really, really love this place.

"But you're NEVER there!!"
At this point he'll be rolling on the ground, blowing snot bubbles, eyes rolling in the back of his head.

No, I don't go often, but only because it is absolutely exhausting.  When you're a racing fanatic like Corey, you have no problem pacing, and wandering, and walking out to the paddock to check out the horses' feet, and meeting up with your buds to complain about jockey Mike Luzzi, and jumping and yelling when you're horse is second with a furlong to go, and pacing again.

But when you're there to look at all the pretty hats, seven hours of racing in 90 degree weather becomes a bit tedious.

That's why I enjoy these family weekends.  Corey can be fanatical, and I can people watch and chat about the horses with my in-laws.

So, on to day two.  You all enjoy your work days, while I silently laugh at you.

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