Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. What is your current favorite television show?
I love Modern Family.

"Aaaahhhh!!!  I'm going to break the window!!"

"(woman on phone) Sir, you're going to have to get your wife to calm down."

"...That's a man."

It makes me giggle. 

2. Apple juice or orange juice?
Apple juice gives me a stomach ache.  So does orange juice, but only in the morning, and only until I can produce a big 'ol man belch.

3. It’s Shark Week on Discovery Channel. Do you watch? Why or why not?
Say wha?  Unless it's playing on the back of my eyelids I have not/cannot see it.  Honies, I don't even get home until prime time is O-V-E-R.

4. What are the non-blog websites that you visit regularly?
People Online.  Because a girl cannot enter the world without her daily celebrity gossip.  But seriously, can you believe what Spencer did to Heidi?  And don't even get me started on the new Mrs. Brian Austen Green.  Puh-leaze.

5. What is your favorite way to prepare green beans? Asparagus? Potatoes? Carrots?
I like my veggies steamed, but just enough so that they still retain their nutritional values yet aren't the consistency of baby food.  Then I dump 'em in a casserole so I can't taste them.

Except for potatoes.  I love potatoes.

6. What is your favorite flower?
I'm really diggin' hydrangeas and peonies.  Oh and the purple loostrife that grows along the highway.  People say they are an invasive species and are taking over native plants and should be eradicated.  Secretly I'm rooting for the loosestrife...

7. How do you feel about handkerchiefs?
YES.  I wish it was cool for us ladies to carry around little hankies with embroidered flowers again.  I almost bought some at an estate sale Saturday.

Funny you ask.

8. If you could only shop at 3 stores for the rest of your life, what would they be? (You probably should include a grocery store.)
This took serious thinking.  I may or may not have changed my answer four times.
  • Walmart: I hate Walmart.  But it's the only place I can get groceries, tires, golf balls, toilet plungers, cleaning supplies and make up all in one place.  Just trying to be efficient here.
  • Michaels: not the finest in craft supplies, but most all-encompassing.
  • Aggies:  super pricey Saratoga Springs boutique.  Hey, if I'm doing all my shopping at Walmart, I'm saving enough money for a Diane VonFurstenberg or two.
9. If you could only use wine for one purpose for the rest of your life, which would you choose? To cook with or to drink?
I do very little of either.  Maybe you haven't heard, after two sips of wine I bust out yo mama jokes.  It's really very embarrassing.

Also, my cooking involves three ingredients: cheese, butter, and onions.  I'm no fancy, schmancy Paula Dean y'all.

10. What’s your bedtime?
I crawl in bed at 9:30 or 10:00, put on a show, turn it down really low, and fall asleep before the first commercial.

True story: I thought today was Wednesday.  Dangit.


Chelsea said...

You may be the first pro-hankie chick!

I love Modern Family too. It's hilarious!

Autumn said...

Your cooking sounds like mine!!