Friday, August 13, 2010

Wedding Day

Hey, did you know Corey and I got married?   

Yeah, like a year ago.

You probably wouldn't have known, other than me actually referring to him as my husband, as there are almost NO pictures of the occasion on this blog.

Erin over at Sassin' Southern Style reminded me.

So as I planned this post I realized why there were no pictures posted:

Choosing a handful out of over 600 is not easy.  It is actually very frustrating.

"This is a good picture, but it looks just like that picture and I already have 150 lined up to post, so..."

And then Corey felt the need to "help" by excluding all of the pictures where he looks "bad."

He looks the same in all of them...


We had an excellent photographer, Heather Bohm-Tallman, who I refer to everyone I pass on the streets.

(Heather, if someone knocks on your door saying some weirdo told them to come over and they're not sure why, you're welcome.)

So without further ado, because I can base a whole post just on ado:

The boys.  A bunch of lady-killers, I say:

Friends Scott and Jeff, Corey, best man Jon, cousin Casey.

The girls:

Liz, sisters Kimberlie and Katie, BFF Jill, cousin Lily

That towering lady there, Jill, is pregnant in this picture.  Wedding day Stacie will find out a few hours from this picture and she may or may not scream.

And the baby she eventually has may or may not be the cutest thing ever.

But I digress.

We chose to have our pictures done before the ceremony, so Heather staged a "first sighting" where Corey and I would see each other for the first time, all by ourselves.....with everyone we know and two photographers watching us from a distance.  It was sweet.

Click on the picture to blow it up and see his face. 

I can tell you this definitely isn't the face I see when I roll over, bobby pins and stray hairs sticking up every which way, with my morning breath as I try to tell him about a dream I just had.

But sometimes it is.

The fams:

Gary, Bonnie, happy couple, Debbie, Mick

See how Corey and my mom are standing on my dress?  Everyone at that wedding, at one time or another, stood on that dress.  It was hard not to.

The thing went on for days.

It also weighed 25 pounds.  Easily.

Side note: check out my shoes here (may need to click on pic to make it larger).  Coolest shoes I have ever owned.  Also, biggest splurge of my lifetime.

Another side note: this is what I look like after tanning.

The picture below is my favorite out of all 600-and-something.  I l-o-v-e the expressions.

...and then we got goofy.

The end.

For now....


jen said...

i LOVE them!!! and happy anniversary!!!! (ps what did you get corey? did you even do gifts? i am in a quandary as to what to do for our first anniversary...)

Stacie said...

We still have a month to go, which gives me a little time to come up with something. The "traditional" first gift is paper...I'm totally stumped.