Wednesday, August 4, 2010

VBS Revisited

(That's Vacation Bible School if you don't remember Monday)

Three down, two to go.

And I'm talking about days.  I'm not knocking off kids here.

Tonight is the last night of actual scheduled Bible stories and crafts.  It's the last night I will have to tell myself I picked a crappy craft.

So how was I supposed to know "draw a squiggly line" would be heard by 5-12 year olds as "draw a bunch of random junk."

And I would never have guessed "use a LOT of glue" actually meant "just a tad."

So tonight I will be saying "be sure to get that black paint all over yourself, the table, your neighbor, me, your teacher, the walls..."

That's called thinking ahead.

Thursday night we invite the parents to see what their kids have been doing the past three days.  They'll be in for a surprise when I make each and every one of 'em mosey and tip their "hats" like I do their little cowpokes. 

Thank goodness for the healing power of hot dogs.

Two more days and I can go directly home after work.

Two more days and I eat dinner at a table instead of in my bed right before I fall asleep.

Two more days and I can throw myself into another project that keeps me stressed, anxious and out all hours of the evening.

Because it never, ever ends.


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