Monday, August 2, 2010

A Great Week, Indeed

Welcome to Vacation Bible School week!

I am your host, Frenetically Frazzled Franny.

We'll start with a kick off carnival, at which you will spill your blueberry snow cone on my leg and throw ping pong balls at me while demanding tickets and candy.

You will jump in the bounce house with your other sticky friends.

I will invite you to come back tomorrow, knowing all I have to do is show you how to cover a pot with aluminum foil and send you back to your teacher.

Then I will fall into bed with an egg burrito and orange juice and doze off still covered in a layer of ick mixed with sweat mixed with stink.  My dreams will come and remind me that we forgot to make name tags for the kids who pre-registered, and at 3:30am I will wake up, make a note of it, then lay back down.

Oh, but the sleep won't come again until 5:30 because I will think of other things I forgot to do.  I will go over the dance moves to the songs we'll sing and think of ways to get you excited about putting pennies in the offering pails, and then I will start thinking of how I would like to design business cards for the jewelry I hope to some day get rid of sell.  And for some reason I will start singing Cyndi Lauper songs.

After that I will get mad that I am wide awake and go out to the living room (so as not to disturb Mr. Lucas) and watch an episode of the America series I taped in May.  But it's not going to bore me to sleep.  It's going to be really cool, actually, and I'm going to watch it up until almost the end when they start talking about Al Capone.

At that point I'm going to be almost back to sleep so I will be dreaming Al Capone is one of the Pep Boys.  The one with glasses.  And I'll be wondering how a Pep Boy could be so naughty.

My alarm will go off and I'll re-set it.  Then Corey will wake me up and I'll stumble to get through my morning.

I'll spend the rest of the day doing what I do best: worrying.  And if I have time I'll do what I do second best: imagining the worst possible scenario.


You're excited, aren't you?

Me too.

It's for the kids.  It's for the kids.  It's for the kids...

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