Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

This is a fun edition of Ten on Tuesday:  it's me showing you crappy cell phone pictures of random junk.  I can paint a pretty mental picture, but nothing says I have a lotta stuff in my fridge like an actual picture of my fridge.  View on...

1. My house.
but my house is really an apartment

2. My shower.

the inside is just as exciting as the outside

3. The inside of my refrigerator.

4. My pet.

he had an itch

5. My favorite pair of shoes.

these are my favorite shoes i can't wear

and these are my everywhere else favorites

6. The most comfortable seat in my house.

7. My favorite cup.

8. My laundry room.

more of a laundry nook

9. The view from my office chair.

10. My spouse.


Autumn said...

I have a "laundry nook" too!! Great description! And that picture of your favorite shoes with the dog's face peeking in is adorable! (The shoes are cute too!)

Chelsea said...

My fridge is also WAY too packed and not organized. I was hoping this ToT would encourage me to clean it but last night I found myself saying, "Screw it. Reaaders should love me for better or worse." Right?!

My favorite cup is my Tervis Tumbler too. They are the best!

Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...


Your fridge is freakishly organized.

Oh, and I never thanked you for the wedding posts. I loved them!