Thursday, August 19, 2010


Note to those pondering criminal activity in the City of Glens Falls, New York:  Time for Plan B.

We have so little crime here, our cops are just itchin' to bust somebody.

Oooo, and bust somebody they did.  Yesterday.  Right outside my office.

Two doods in this red car did something bad.  What you can see in this picture is one Glens Falls Police car, one police motorcycle and one county sheriff car.  What you can't see is the other county sheriff and GFPD car.

What you also don't see: three of us in my office plastered to the windows.  One of us taking way too many pictures.

"I have no idea what that is dawg."

"It looks like a crack pipe to me."

"Aw man, I thought it was a funky sippy straw."

Now we meet the driver.

"Them drugs ain't mine.  This ain't even my car...."

But now the plot thickens.  The investigator on the right pulls up and takes the driver into his unmarked car, cuff free, and drives off.

Can anyone say "informant?"

Oh, and here are the bushes in front of my office.

Now investigator number two joins the party.  Everyone stands around and talks for a few minutes more and the remaining perp hops into a cop car, also cuffless, and they all drive away.

It actually wasn't as exciting as it could have been.

No escape attempts.

No biting.

No tasers.

Maybe next time guys.

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