Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Confessions

1.  I met Matthew McConaughey's brother.  How did I know the guy was Matthew's brother, besides looking JUST like him?

"Hi, I'm Mitch.  Matthew McConaughey's brother."

Keepin' it classy, Mitch.

2. Sometimes I hide from constituents.  Literally.  Like outside, pressed up against the wall.  On those no-empathy days it's for their own good.

3.  I cry at the end of Cheaper by the Dozen.  Every.  Single.  Time.  That little redhead just gets to me...

4.  The left side of my bottom lip and chin are numb.  The genius who pulled my wisdom teeth ten years ago hit a nerve.

5.  So now I'm always paranoid I've got sauce dripping down my face when I eat.  Because I usually have sauce dripping down my face when I eat.

6.  I have noticed yet another reminder of the downward spiral into old-ladiness: drooping of my seat meat.  To confirm my suspicions I emailed a picture to a friend.  The verdict was not positive.

7.  I'm ready for fall....and snow.

8.  When Corey and I ran out of toilet paper, we also ran out of dog poop bags.  So while Corey was rigging the toilet paper holder with paper towels, I was scooping up doodie with an empty ice cream cup and three leaves.

9.  Sometimes, when I'm driving, I don't remember getting from one point to another and I wonder if that is what it feels like to have another personality take over.  But if that is what is really happening, though, I hope my other personality is a better driver.

10.  I had a dream that I was in England and was yelling at everyone for having Australian accents. 

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