Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home

My studio.
This is where the magic happens.

Don't be gross, I'm talking about all of the little goodies I make, including the jewelry I hope to sell sometime in the near future.

It's where I wish I was right now.  As I sit at my desk.  By myself.  Waiting to leave for the day.

This is my clock.  Half of the year it's wrong because I don't willingly participate in daylight savings.  Lucky for me all my other clocks are automatic.

Can I tell you this giant clock only cost $20 at The Christmas Tree Shop?  If there isn't one nearby, find one.  You'll be glad you did.

This is the lamp I've been borrowing from my sister, Katie, until she realizes I still have it. 

I read here in the mornings. Sometimes Oliver joins me.  It is not big enough for both of us but we make it work.  It involves snuggling.

And the people say:  Awwww.

And here is my future futon for our future guests.  Right now we have a blow up mattress that would require using a car charger to inflate, and since the car still doesn't fit up the stairs...

My easel.  Ah, yes.  We have had some good times.  And some not so good times.  Not so good because I'm a sucky painter.  But we're working through it.

I do have a little junk here.

And here.

But what creative genius doesn't have a little disorganization in their life?

The kind who inherited OCD traits from her father.  Which is why I will be spending a considerable amount of time tonight classifying junk and grouping it in patterns of usefulness in the next 72 hours.

Bye now.


Chelsea said...

Show us the jewelry!!! Seriously! I want to see. Birthdays and Christmases are coming up and there are many women in my life. If you don't want to post it, at least email me!

Who Does That said...

I remember your mom showing me your apartment listing before you guys moved in. It's gorgeous :) What a find!

And...who doesn't have junk in their pad?

And (#2)...I agree w/ Chelsea. Show us the jewelry! I hear you're quite creative :)