Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Confessions

1.  Brownies give me a stomach ache, but even if they made my stomach ooze out of my belly button I would still eat them.

2.  I have a footie in my purse.  So if I ever need to try on a shoe...

3.  My sister, Kimberlie, and I spent five whole minutes of our lives debating whether or not Brittney's Hit Me Baby One More Time video was the school girl outfit or red space suit.

4.  I cannot say the name Colleen.  My mouth just can't pronounce it right.


6.  I have a few pairs of shoes I wear so much they have become stinky.

7.  I still wear them.

8.  I may or may not be responsible for destroying our TV remote.  And Corey and I may or may not be running back and forth between TVs with the one remote we have that now operates both sets in our apartment.

9.  I will not reveal how the remote was broken.

10.  But it may involve me "forcibly tossing" it to Corey.

I plead the fifth.

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