Monday, August 16, 2010

Wedding Day: Ceremony

So eventually, after hours and hours of hair, make up, pictures, and a last minute touch up after I sneezed and busted through my dress, Corey and I finally made it to the ceremony location.

Where I met up with my attendant for the day, Donna, who made sure I enjoyed my entire night.

"Girl, I need you to take five more bites of that salad."

"Yes, Donna."

My dad managed to walk me down the aisle.  Tear free.

Where Corey and I did our thing.

See this fancy hangy-down thing?  That is not originally part of the dress.  It was added by my seamstress who had to hide the mess she made of the back because she "doesn't do zippers."  Don't get me started.

Oh, and pay no attention to the bones sticking out of my back.  I'm in pizza therapy to correct it.

"I, Corey, take you, Stacie, to love and cherish, and not yell at when you refuse to do the dishes, like, every single day."

"I, Stacie, take you, Corey, to love and cherish, and not roll my eyes when you cough and hack like an old man."

Or something like that.

And then my favorite song in the world starts (Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring) played by the cutest little string quartet made up of high school kids....

...and Corey and I were outta there.

To take a few more pictures.

But then it was really time to relax and have fun.

This is my dad.  Future seminary student and pastor.  Don't mind that glass in his hand, it's only apple juice (wink wink).

These are my besties from high school and college:  Amanda, Monica and Jill.  We were all band doofuses together.  Although some of us were less doofussy than others...

This was at our cocktail hour where me and my 25lb dress meandered through a crowded bar.  I eventually walked with my arms wrapped around myself as my triceps could no longer yank the dang thing up anymore.  An hour from now I'll be in a different dress, crammin' pasta down my throat thanks to Donna, and dancing a wicked Irish jig...

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