Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Palm to Forehead, Now Shake Head In Bewilderment

My darling husband came to visit me at work last Tuesday.  He had the day off and I guilted him, just a little bit, to surprise me for lunch.

C: "Let's go to that place that has the potato salad I like."

Gourmet Cafe.

S:  "Corey, maybe we should sit at that smaller table because it's just the two of us."

C:  "But I like it here..."

S:  "This is a table for five, what if a big group comes to sit down?"

C:  "Then they can sit over there.  I like it here because I can look out in all directions at the people walking by."

S:  "Ok...."

Eat, eat eat.

Chat, chat, chat.



C:  "Let's go to the Chocolate Mill!"

S:  "YAY!!!  This is the Best Lunch Ever!"


S:  "Where do you want to sit?  There's a table open right by the window."

C: "Nah, let's sit back here where it's quiet and no one's around."

S:  "Wha...??"

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