Monday, November 1, 2010

TGI Monday

Here we are.  It's Monday.  Again.

Do you ever wonder where I am on Saturday and Sunday?  I never post.  Bad blogger, bad.

Jeez Stace, you couldn't give the people a little morsel to hold them over until Monday?

Well, no.  I actually can't.

This is a typical weekend:

  • run
  • breakfast
  • start laundry
  • forget to help my with my mom's sewing class
  • drag Corey to the mall
  • buy skinny jeans
  • drag Corey to the Christmas Tree Shop
  • buy cheap things I probably won't use
  • drive to Lakeside Farms
  • try to avoid rally for the candidate I am not voting for
  • eat lunch
  • buy cider donuts
  • buy cider
  • stop at Scotty O'Dwyer's house
  • unplug weed wacker
  • say hello
  • go home
  • make a million felt balls
  • eat dinner
  • make another million felt balls
  • fall asleep on couch to Beetlejuice
  • walk dog
  • church
  • lunch
  • grocery shopping
  • prepare to make pumpkin pie
  • load laundry
  • realize I can't cut open pumpkins
  • smash pumpkins open on cement
  • bake pumpkins
  • mush pumpkins
  • mix pumpkins
  • make crust
  • bake pie
  • melt polyester fabric
  • make fabric look like a flower
  • string felt balls
  • check pie
  • string felt balls
  • check pie
  • more laundry
  • check pie
  • melt polyester fabric
  • check pie
  • take pie out of oven
  • string felt balls
  • more laundry
  • eat pie
  • pass out on couch to Van Helsing

Hmmm, this seems very specific to be typical. 

This is typical in the amount of activities.  See?  No time.

No time!  There's never enough time!  I don't have time to study, I'll never get into Stanford!

Whoopsie.  Sometimes Saved by the Bell lines just creep right into my daily conversations.

But anyway, now that I'm back at work and back to having a tad more free time (read: it's Monday and I have no desire to touch my actual work) I can share all the juicy details of our daily lives that have come to make you think twice about coming back.  Yay!

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