Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Light at the End of a Dirty Tunnel

The end is near, folks.

Yes, I am talking about THE end...of our messy neighbors.  Can I get a woop-woop, raise the roof, fist bump with a fireworks ending?

easy killer

The end of election day marked the end of our neighbors' employment.  The end of their occupation of the space attached to the kitchen.  And the (unfortunate) end of entertaining conversations such as:

"Hello, this is Josh.  I am a volunteer for Congressman Murphy's campaign.  It is important that blah, blah, blah.  Can we count on your vote?.....Hello?......uh, hello??"

The kind dears, however, left us with a small parting gift.  Piles of rotting trash and the smell of death.

I called our landlord and left him a message letting him know we can't breathe without gagging.  If he responds as quickly as he did when our heat wasn't working I'm sure we'll see an end to this mess by Monday.

Phew!  Because a day later than that and the maggots writhing through the deli meat might start attracting rats.

I have no words.  Just dry heaves.

Fortunately, they left us with  4x4 inches of refrigerator space in which one of us can store our lunch, so that was nice.

And because we still have to use this dirty, stinky space, I figured they owe us.  So I took their Reese's peanut butter cups.  And their Snickers bars.

And their laptops.

Just kidding!

I left the Snickers.


Who Does That said...

I read all of this...but am focusing on the maggots. Were THERE REALLY MAGGOTS?!?!?!!

Stacie said...

Ok, so I exaggerate a tad. BUT the maggots were coming, I swear it was only a matter of time...