Monday, November 22, 2010

A List.

This is a Monday list. 

Don't try to make sense of the thing.
  • I went to bed at 7:45pm last night.
  • I have no fewer than seven hair ties in my purse.
  • Thanksgiving is this week, not next as I thought all last week.
  • I am now behind.
  • I am wearing the same outfit I wore to church yesterday.
  • I don't remember if I ate dinner last night.
  • No, wait....I had a Moe's burrito.
  • Saturday I forgot to wash my hair.
  • I hide from my dog in the park.
  • He flips out and I laugh.
  • I want a cat.
  • Corey and I are going to look for houses after Christmas.
  • I'm looking for houses now.
  • Thursday is the Turkey Trot 5k in Saratoga.
  • Last time I ran 3 miles I screwed up my knee.
  • I'm not a runner.
  • My dishwasher is coating some dishes with white gunk all of a sudden.
  • Corey bought me a container of milk yesterday that expires tomorrow.
  • This morning he said "put A LOT of milk in that cereal."
  • I did, but there's still A LOT left.
  • I like making lists.
  • It's easier than writing full sentences.
  • Plus, it lets you see how random my thought process is.
  • And I know you were dying to see the inside of my think-meat.
So, there we are.  A list.  To be followed by something with a little more substance, a little more grass-fed meat and potatoes, if you will.

But until then, Happy Monday!

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